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3D graphics significantly facilitates the process of designing, let it be a house to be built up or an exhibition stall or even a product display. The virtual space offered by a computer provides opportunity to make experiment and find out the possible problems of construction and production. We get limitless possibilities for utilisation of our creativity. We can show our conception easily to others. A visualization speaks volumes...

Use the freedom of digital graphics!


Architectural, interior design visualization

People are not interested in the ability of stereoscopic vision. We don not think about what stereoscopic vision is. The function of our eyes is absolutely natural for us. However the situation is entirely different when we find ourselves confronted to a technical drawing. The process of the planning easily gets into a misunderstanding if somebody is not used to imagining a spatial object or a building from drawings, engravings and parameters of altitude.

3D visualization provides much help. There are no misunderstandings in the virtual space, which is a perfect ground of experimentation. It facilitates the communication beetween the investor, the architect and the contractor. (The visualisation attached to a permit plan submitted to the authorities is also useful.) It helps with decision making.

3D graphics (object modelling)

The same principles prevail at object modelling as at architectural visualization. With the computer materials, colors and illumination can be modelled. It can occur that the 3D model points to some designing problems. If you have your ideas modelled in 3D, you can save time and money. If the virtual model is appropriate, then let the production of the prototype get started in real life.

Animation film making

Not only images can be made about visualizations. We can walk around buildings, and rise above them. The animation film shows the planned building, the exhibition stall or the product display spectacularly. It can be a special part of a digital presentation...

And finally some ideas which can help you:

  • 3D visualization of buildings, public buildings, industrial- and sports facilities, apartment houses, family houses
  • three dimensional map of the interior of offices, premises and other facilities
  • 3D visualization of exhibition stalls
  • modelling of product displays, advertisement displays
  • animation of emblems and company logos
  • visualisation of events and organizations